The Silence will fall when the question is asked…

So says a favourite line of mine from Doctor Who.

I’ve found a great challenge and answer in such a question. It’s often I ask the question when I know the answer and receiving the silence is the more profound and telling answer. In my law schooling days, I quickly picked up the tool that one does not ask questions if one doesn’t know the answer. So, asking the question is more or less my way of calling bullshit a spade a spade.

Sure, huge heart and all that goes with having it on my sleeve yet the uncanny ability to discern things with  precision (thanks Dad for those genes!). Further, my little introverted (honest, I am) self observes and watches the world swirl around it – quietly observing, listening, enjoying every second of it and taking mental notes. Not much is missed, not much gets by, and nearly no wool is pulled over one’s eyes.

As a creative soul, I watch more than I listen to words. The actions around me can sooth, terrify, elighten, and teach. It is why I’m drawn to the visual nature of the world. I’m learning the verbal nature of the world and to speak what swirls in my soul.  So I shoot images (and lots of them) and/or tag images and allow them to speak for me.

Say like…a trait I don’t like.

Cowardly Lion

Or…one I do.

Valour & Bravery

It’s a simple rule of following the actions and visuals of my world. Words promised are worthless unless backed by distinct actions. My creative nature is drawn to to the actions and visual nature of the world. The brain can register the “things have ran their course” far ahead of the actual silence falling.

It fell and I got my answer.



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