Frost covering at the River Hull


Fence Post and the River Hull

Many an icy walk to place on the banks of the River Hull during my stay. The first day was blustery, clear, and cutting wind. I didn’t mind so much as I had this in front of me. Each day the view changed and I found it more interesting to get to the river on the ice-covered roads. Didn’t mind…I was always in for a beautiful treat of scenery. This time my breath froze to my wool scarf and it was actually a race to get back to the house before hypothermia kicked in from breathing the icy air. Hot tea awaited me or I stopped in at the village shop for my well-known diet coke.

It was freeze a bit or get shots like the below. I always opted to freeze a bit.

Frosted grass

Frosted grass


Banks of the River Hull



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