The great unwind in Wawne


East Yorkshire is comfortable. I’ve only one town over and I’m tracing my ancestor’s steps. It is also the first place I watched snow fall in the UK.

I took the opportunity to unwind and just rest here in Wawne – a village outside of Kingston Upon Hull. I needed it. Missing my animals and my family, it did my heart good to rest. My mate has two cats and they did a grand job of keeping me happy on the cat front. My mate also opened his home to my disposal whilst he worked. My appreciation knows no limits on his kindness, generosity, shared love of The Big Bang Theory.

It was the same mate who graciously allowed me to stay in May. He is treasured, an army vet, and gentle soul with a heart of gold.

Learning a great deal of ancestors are Northerners hit home with me and it will forever be a homecoming of sorts when I go to Yorkshire. Nearly 1000 years of my bloodline lived and live here. Leaving is painful and I wanted to embrace the smell, sounds, frigid air, and embracing warmth of it’s people.

Wawne holds a dear spot in my memories. I captured so much of the village, embraced the joy of visiting the little shop for my chocolate and diet coke fix, and being gobsmacked by the kindness shown to me.

Each of you that saw me out shooting on the river, walking the treacherous icy paths, and willing to lend me a lift should I ask are such dear people to me.

Thank you. You are missed and not a day goes by without thinking of you. The shop keeper, bus driver (Cheers Drive!), Shaun, and each face that is etched in my mind. You are a good lot and missed.


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