Ianto is still on duty. Quite a lovely chap from Cardiff, Wales who keeps an eye on things. He’s a bit distant but on good terms with me. Not so friendly towards strangers who approach me in the wee hours of my day. He’s a knack for getting me everywhere on time and cleans up after me.

We first met in Newport, Wales at a folk concert given by the Newport Folk Music crowd. He confided to me that his favourite group was/is Rapsquillion. Fortunately, he traveled to the Welsh countryside to investigate why the front garden was England and the back garden was Wales. Did catch on to the irony in the name bearing a resemblance to Torchwood. Couldn’t shake the smell of cedar whilst he investigated.

Seems a familiar soul now that he’s freelancing in the states and still can’t understand the lack of rain. Guess it’s so he can see better.

Has asked for NHS services a time or two since following me. I explain the services are across the River Wye and he stares unblinkingly at my failed attempt to convince him the little creek is the mighty Wye.

Ianto knows everything and is succeeding here in counteracting the 456.

He does staff the Hub. Also, shoots laser beams and plants bugs around the place. Quite a joker, he is.

Think Harkness works nearby. Must find out from Ianto.



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