My name is not Inigo Montoya….

Rather this is more about my surname and where I’ve traced it.

Alexander Lovell – he’s my 10th great-grandfather from Guilsborough, Northamptonshire, UK 1545 a.d. I’ve always kept the name – it’s my heritage and my identity.

Lucky for us, we don’t have a history of remaining on the back of a sow nor do I know of any Agnes’ in the clan during the heyday of bewitching locals. Not blue-faced, either. Caves scare me and I prefer redwood. I do love the water tho…pools preferably. Ahem.


Beautifully enough – my favourite rugby team is the Northampton Saints. Blood runs deep, eh?

All joking aside, it was rather poignant to learn of the Guilsborough connection between trips to the UK. Especially since my first stop on my first trip was Northampton. This was a lovely church I visited in the haze of jet leg when my body was screaming for sleep.

It was my first glimpse of history that was older than 300 years. This was a church from 681 a.d. OLD. I’d never seen anything older than Williamsburg, Virginia. This was pretty amazing.


It was my first introduction to the term “history” and “ancient” in the same breath. Williamsburg had nothing on Northampshire history.

The image below is from an early morning over Northamptonshire when I watched the sun come up and hit the clouds in December 2012. It was pretty neat to even look west whilst day broke and it made me think of all the family in my line who were just as captivated by sunrise in the winter. I’m a Lovell, we are native to this land and I’m the first of my line to see Northamptonshire in modern times.


A bit chuffed, really.

I’ll be back. It’s home. My bloodline is here.


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