A journey across the pond…



Sails seemed an appropriate image for the beginnings of this journey even if I was flying halfway around the world.

San Francisco International gives nod to the rich history of the sea in its architecture. The sails/boats ceiling above the International terminal reminds one that the history of the City by the Bay is steeped in ocean-fairing lore. The ceiling also gave a nod to the rich history of my destination – England.

A month’s journey to Blighty was ahead of me.

Nuts and bolts of the visit is to experience the history of my ancestors.

After a summers worth of digging through Ancestry.com, I wanted to see the origins of my family roots. I do believe it is difficult to understand the American’s Colonist need for permanence unless one carries citizenship from a country that is less than a few hundred years old. Being a first-generation Californian, I don’t have the permanent sense of history that a Brit carries. It’s a case of California (Late 20th Century) – Midwest/South (18th-19th Century) – East Coast (17th Century) – UK (2nd-17th Century).

Yup. The Mayflower is involved. So is Jamestown. We fought on both sides of the Revolutionary War, too.

Time to see home.  Time to go back and step into my own history.

Virgin Atlantic


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