The Polar Bear – Matt Hawkins, USA 7s


USA 7s is playing in Las Vegas this weekend as part of the IRB World Series. No, I’m not there this year. (Truth be told, Twickenham has me quite spoilt.) It won’t stop me from sharing about one of rugby’s finest blokes to play the game – Matt Hawkins.

As a photographer, he is a joy to work alongside and know. He’s a gracious, humble, talented, and kind person. His love of his wife and two boys radiates when he speaks. His passion for growing the game of rugby is shown in his work with Elite Rugby and now Serevi Rugby. He currently plays for USA 7s as a flanker. When he’s not playing – he’s coaching. His love of the game is apparent.

If you’d like to give him a follow on Twitter – he’s at @polarbearkzn. As for the lowdown on his rugby life – check it out at Wikipedia.


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