So this rugby thing…


Welcome to England. In country for roughly 36 hours and I get this shot.

I, being gobsmacked at shooting a Premiership match, managed to keep my head about me and fire this one off of Ashton. Not the greatest angle…got it though. The series of images (ahem – I captured that day pretty much landed me my best work overall. I’d never been able to read the plays and anticipate the shots as well as I did that day. Giant props to Chris Wearmouth, Comms Manager of the Northampton Saints, and Claire Jones, Red Hat Photo, for securing me the media pass.

Being a photographer, one’s best shot is always the shot one has yet to take. This time is no different. I say in my head, “let’s do this again next match. Even better.” Still a bit frustrated I was not sitting next to the Getty bloke though.

The Getty photographer got the keeper. His shot was front page the next day. That’s him shooting on the right of Ashton. Kudos, mate…damn fine shot.


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