Flamborough Head and I

What caused this lighthouse to stop me flat and burst into tears last May? I was drawn to the North Sea after learning my ancestors, the Vikings, sailed across to England. Little did I know that one of my direct ancestors – Great Grandfather Robert Hilton, lived here in Flamborough wayyyy back when. A bit humbling to see the land of forefathers and know one’s blood has roots in the location.


As an American, our history only dates back a few hundred years and we’ve no semblance of the deep-rooted permanence that one finds in the United Kingdom. I’m a first-generation Californian and have a few hundred years of Colonist blood. Before that…my clans are from the British Isles dating back to 300 A.D.

I was the first of many generations to set foot in the land of my ancestors and walk in their steps.

I was home.




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